Artist who painting on canvas wearing a AR goggles



Partners decided to undertake this project, driven by the need to support young activists to improve their voice, also at political level, through the art and the artists.

Partners have in common the proximity with the artist and the interest to boost arts towards societal challenges, to ameliorate the urban scene and the world and allowing a wider public to get access to the great innovation in technology that will change society forever.

Artists may need a medium to reach policy makers, at local and global level or understand. This medium could be new technologies, in particular:

  • AI that allows the use and interpretation of data and their visualization as awareness instrument exploited through art and artists;

  • Participative tools that could allow the active presence of youths, also remotely, to the creative process.

Female android face staring to you


> How can we exploit the extraordinary potential of artificial intelligence and data visualization to address social issues through art?

AI4FUTURE will give shape to works of art created by the collaboration of artists, activists and young people interested in social issues in order to foster dialogue between different countries and generations.

Young man using a touch monitor


This experience will offer training, awareness and experiences on digital creativity, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence, declined according to mobility in the climate and post-covid change perspectives.

Thanks to the use of tools and methodologies from the world of contemporary art, these experiences will initiate an innovative an impactful dialogue between apparently distant skills and actors, an exchange that will produce alternative community visions and concrete debates.

Doing that, the project will boost new ways of audience development, exploring the use of digital technologies to allow the active participation of young activists to the artistic creative process aimed at impact on the political agenda, at urban and global level.