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AI4future has found 4 artists to work at an AI-based artwork in collaboration with young European activists to foster new urban community awareness.


90 submitted proposals from 36 different countries

With the help of local activists the following 4 projects were selected

Bacteria trainined

by Bernat Cuní

@Esprocenda/Lemongrass, Barcelona

Category: AI, phygital worlds and digital barriers

PANORAMAI is an artwork based on endless panorama videos generated by AI using large image datasets created by the community during their commutes and different modes of mobility.

This project will use AI to digest extensive amounts of image data in order to learn the visual common denominators of diverse modes of mobility. The learnings will be presented through the generation of novel panorama videos that will visualize the intrinsic characteristics of mobility choices and geographical settings.

Heatmap Overhead

Moving Forward
by Nino Basilashvili

@Sardegna Teatro, Sardinia

Category: AI and community mobilization in public spaces

Moving Forward is an interactive installation about AI in public space.
In the digital age AI is already measuring and predicting our behavior, participants will experience control and prediction in public space. The data that emerges reveals how it is possible to make predictions about, for example, our purchasing behavior, how we relate in public space, and how we interact with one another.
Upon entering the space, the movement of participants will be detected and measured by an artificial intelligence, the behavioral variable resulting from the awareness of the prediction will then be analyzed.

3D reconstruction of the 67.P Churyumov Gerasimenko comet

by Luca Pozzi

@MEET, Milan

Category: AI, platform urbanism and social mobility

“RM2022” is inspired by the homonymous space mission of E.S.A., the European Spatial Agency between 2004 and 2016. It is the 3D reconstruction of the 67.P Churyumov Gerasimenko comet, transformed from a physical celestial body into a digital convergence point for different disciplines. The “RM2022” is a temporary free Hub, without specific political, religious, and geographical coordinates, suitable for interdisciplinary contributions and social interaction: a meeting point for activists, artists, philosophers, and scientists. A place for a hybrid public, that overcomes the linguistic and physical boundaries in the pandemic era.

A woman licks her lips with the mouth is open

Love, not a scam
by Chunju Yu

@V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam

Category: AI and Gender Inequality issues

Inspired by fake celebrity porn made by deepfake technology, this project aims to create AI-generated porn to address the issue of sexual exploitation and male gaze in the porn industry. The aim is to exploit pornography as a medium for satirical social commentary of online eroticism, fetishism and challenge the entrenched patriarchal algorithms on porn websites.

AI4Future Partners share an interest in boosting arts towards social challenges.

For their part, artists need a medium to reach policymakers, both at the local and global level. This medium can be represented by new technologies, in particular artificial intelligence.